Transportation of valuable and expensive cargo

The company “CronaTrans”, along with the transportation of oversized and dangerous goods, also carries out the transportation of expensive and valuable goods.

Transportation of expensive and valuable goods requires special security measures. The transportation of such cargo in our company is carried out using modern trucks equipped with progressive GPS navigation and tracking systems. Clients of our company get access to a personal account on the company’s website, where they can independently track the location of the cargo.

The cars of our company are equipped with a panic button in the driver’s cab and a “Stavline T24” alarm integrated with a GPS tracker. In the event of potentially dangerous situations, the driver, using the panic button, notifies the manager and the security service about the threat.

Our machines are equipped with additional locking devices on the trailer doors “Mul-T-Lock”. Such a system prevents the risks of car opening and cargo theft.

Throughout the journey, the driver keeps in touch with the company manager using the “Hands Free” function, which allows not to be distracted from driving along the entire route.

The route of the car when transporting valuable and expensive goods is worked out by our company in detail. Stops are allowed only in trusted, safe places. The driver informs about the need to stop, the company manager instructs the driver about the place and duration of the necessary stop.

Clients of our company can be sure that information about the composition and value of the cargo is absolutely confidential.