Transportation of oversized cargo to the Jerooy mine

In August 2019, our company carried out the loading and delivery of oversized cargo from the city of Taraz to the Jerooy mine of the Talas region. For several years Krona Trans has been transporting to the Jerooy field from different parts of the world.

For our company, oversized cargo transportation has been one of the priority areas of activity for many years.

Employees of our company thoroughly know the specifics of oversized cargo and the peculiarities of their transportation. Therefore, our specialists ensure maximum safety of the cargo during transportation and storage, adhere to all sanitary and technical standards, take into account the requirements of the legislation regulating the transportation of oversized cargo. Cooperation with proven and reliable suppliers of transport services allows you to develop and select the most rational routes, clearly coordinate all stages of delivery and transport any cargo promptly in a timely manner.

The range of services for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo includes:

Development of a detailed transportation project.
Development of a transportation schedule.
Consulting on the selection of a suitable vehicle.
Selection of rolling stock.
Checking the route and drawing up a transportation project.
Analysis and assessment of risks.
Registration and obtaining permits for the transportation of heavy cargo and oversized cargo.
Providing escort of transport with oversized cargo by cover cars.
Ensuring the adoption of engineering and technical measures for the free passage of vehicles.
Comprehensive intra-port services, including loading, unloading and warehousing.
Loading and unloading operations using special equipment, including heavy-weight cranes, hydraulic lifters, etc.
Stowage and securing of cargo in accordance with international, regional and national regulations for the transport of heavy goods.
Warehouse services.
Complex customs support.
Cargo insurance “against all risks”.
24/7 control over the location and safety of the cargo, as well as over compliance with delivery times using GPS systems.
Direct control over the process of transshipment of goods.
Drawing up reports on the progress of transportation.