Delivery of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo is a procedure that should definitely be trusted only by professionals in their field. Our company offers a wide range of such services, thanks to which the transportation of long and heavy cargo is carried out reliably and responsibly. When organizing and carrying out the transportation of oversized cargo, in no case should mistakes be made.

When transporting oversized cargo, you need to choose the best route, since not every turn will fit a long load, and not every bridge or overpass will pass a high load. Next, you need a specific trawl: a low-loader or a sliding platform, trawls with complex equipment (various ramps designed for vehicles to enter from the rear; the ability to detach the front part for entry from the ground; devices for loading or loading). You also need special fasteners that allow you to reliably fix the oversize on the rolling stock.

The experience of the driver is also very important: the client entrusts him with the transportation of expensive oversized items that cannot be damaged.

Our company “Krona Trans” has been engaged in the transportation of oversized cargo for many years. Such a difficult job requires the most responsible approach to each stage.

Each order is made out strictly individually: it is necessary to carry out the calculations correctly, to simulate all stages of transportation in order not only to facilitate the task of the carrier, but also to protect the customer from losses. We provide transportation and forwarding of goods of various weight and complexity:

agricultural machinery;
construction equipment;
heavy cargo;
capacitive equipment;
long loads;
equipment for installation work.