Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

CronaTrans International Logistics Company invites you to use the service for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. Our company carries out road transportation of oversized cargo and heavy cargo on the territory of the CIS, as well as outside it.

Oversized and heavy transportation is one of the most difficult and critical types of transportation. Each transportation of oversized and heavy cargo requires an individual approach, because each cargo has its own characteristics that must be taken into account for the successful implementation of this service. Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo requires high qualifications and extensive experience of the company carrying out the transportation.

Qualified employees of our company have everything necessary to quickly organize the transportation of any heavy, long, non-standard cargo, taking into account the specifics of the route.

The offered range of services for the delivery of oversized cargo:

  • Involvement of special equipment for loading and unloading
  • support in transportation of oversized cargo
  • vehicles, buses (oversize cargo transportation machinery)
  • fully documented and supervised by the customs
  • fixing circuit design

We use the latest high-quality specialized equipment, which maximizes the performance of transport of oversized cargo of any complexity.